Sometimes laziness works

Or, hobbies are my hobby.

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I'm a nerd exploring Life here on Earth in West Virginyuh.

Not stimulating the mind is boring and akin to sin (I'm not religious, btw), so I'm always trying to occupy myself with studying something, anything, but I do enjoy movies and various TV series--usually having sports on in the background as I surf the Internet and if not this, always music.

Playing Piano, bass guitar and drums, occasionally I play at a local open mic. Other times I compose and produce music at home (for fun!).

Having a radio personality, I also publish a few podcasts once in a while "making sense of the Internet."

I volunteer at a local art house as a videographer, getting up close action shots while artists are playing their instruments.

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Most of my published material are hobbies brought to public. I cannot "do one thing" in Life, I must do whatever I'm feeling at the time. I've created news projects, various media projects and I wanna share the experience with you! More info soon.


Feel free to contact me, [email protected].