Maybe refer to “kick life in the crotch”


For a little over a month now I’ve been dealing with something interesting. I’ve lost some control in my right hand and I still haven’t figured out why, mostly due to lack of seeing a neurologist (apparently there's a shortage in my area?).

While I’m now able to open my hand to an extent - much better than I could at first - it still lacks ability to go “upwards.”

Even though all of this happening, I’m still moving forward with activities and hobbies. Some parts being a bit difficult, such as PLAYING THE PIANO or TYPING, I still manage to get through tasks.

It’s definitely a learning curve. For a few weeks I had to use voice control on my iPhone to easily message/type.

In the meantime I’ve ended the podcast hiatus and will soon be continuing Borecast. And… in case you don’t know Borecast, it is a lifecasting series I’ve placed on YouTube.

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