Websites which are usually survey based. Commercial reviewing, music reviewing and sometimes product reviewing, the small amounts add up. If you could, please use my referral links! : )

Slice the Pie

stp I find the music reviewing to be the easiest, but hey take your pick of what's available. It doesn't pay much but eventually the $10 is accessible. You get around $0.01 to $0.16 per review.

Go to Slice the Pie here (referral).


appen If you're open to being on camera, talking and sharing your voice, this may be for you. You may also find other neat projects such as helping train AI to recognize objects and faces. You'll be asked to sign non-disclosure agreements in most if not all cases.

Earn $0.01 per task or $50, or even $200. It depends on the task. Sometimes the work is easy but repetitive, thus a "task" may only be a few dollars per but adds up over a few hours.

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