Kitty Loves Bass

Sooooooo, this marks the official start Kitty Loves Bass. While I initially submitted music to platforms under my name I did have "a name" I wanted to eventually use.

With this type of music venture, I'm going to take sounds and clips from all sources! There are so many artists out there willingly sharing their music to be used in projects and I'm happy to take advantage of this, while submitting my own work back. Full circle! I suppose the only way to do this would be dropping entire stems. Annnnd so far this looks like it'll be Band Lab to do so.

Open source music!

Here's the first track called Who. The file isn't properly labelled yet. The two artists involved are xKingK420x on the metal guitar, and SLUGSZZ with the drumline. Me?--I mixed and matched. The idea is to eventually have all tracks transcribed into real instruments to be played live. And, for this particular track not much else was needed due to no lyrics--I imagine once lyrics are added the track may get a bit busier.


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