Independent Journalism

Hello! Journal Five is an independent journalist outlet.

Journal Five used to freely document the Keyser city council meetings on a regular basis, ensuring Keyser residents and other interested parties were able to know what’s going on – and without bias. I stopped recording meetings after awhile due to some life events, and eventually I had to make some tough decisions regarding content due to YouTube’s new ad policies, ultimately disabling all content on YouTube.

Today, I witness people on Facebook requesting and wishing for a service to record Keyser’s meetings. I look to bring back this very service. But, now Journal Five’s missing initial funding due to YT no longer offering a revenue stream, which is why I reach out to the community for donations to pickup new, suitable equipment. This fundraiser would be camera gear to record city council meetings.

About Journal Five
Journal Five is an indepdent journalist outlet focusing on civil news, city politics and more. Journal Five has had around 184,392 minutes, or 3,073.2 hours, or roughly 128 days of watched content from YouTube since November 4, 2011, with our highest video peaking 12,000 views. 3 contributors were responsible for Journal Five’s content, covering Keyser, Piedmont and sometimes Cumberland.

Following the community

The biased-unbiased content style covered topics citizens followed. Elections, citizens being evicted from council meetings, and alleged city scandal.

YouTube’s Advertisement Policy Pitfall
Journal Five relied heavily on YouTube’s income stream to repay out-of-pocket efforts towards content. YouTube has since, twice updated their ad policy which effectively forced Journal Five out of financial return. The content was still freely hosted by YouTube, but stopped serving JF financially.

The mission
Due to YouTube’s ad policy update, Journal Five needs to raise money for initial gear to relaunch. Our YouTube channel only has 33 subscribers, but many views, so it still falls short of the YouTube Partner agreement.

Our mission is to document city council meetings in Keyser, and report on more civil news, events, etc. Any volunteer reporters looking to get your work syndicated please contact.

I’ve enabled all Journal Five’s videos: Journal Five’s YT page, click here . (