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    Frostburg, MD - Car accident on Flickr.What appeared to be a 3 car accident outside of Frostburg, MD on 36. Captured on my way home from work.

    Frostburg, MD - Car accident on Flickr.

    What appeared to be a 3 car accident outside of Frostburg, MD on 36. Captured on my way home from work.


  2. McDonald’s coffee on Flickr.

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    Gt and wheel on Flickr.Drinking and driving.

    Gt and wheel on Flickr.

    Drinking and driving.


  5. You know you’re back in the country. on Flickr.


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∆ RT @tasharenee_____ JIGGA JACKS #tasharenee_____


    ∆ RT @tasharenee_____ JIGGA JACKS #tasharenee_____


  8. Internet-Based Radio Stations Bullied? Blah.

    I’m not sure how Pandora would be able to pay the “same” amount as FM radio stations. Taxes are more on the Internet. Not government taxes either, but corporate taxing.

    Credit Card processing is usually higher on the Internet, but for a company such as Pandora it still may be cheaper than an individual using se, PayPal as their processor at their locally run shop.
    FM radio stations also have a terrible problem when it comes to listener count, even though the technologies and methods have become way more accurate: No one really knows, and how are you supposed to promote the artist?

    Pandora has the bigger advantage as each listener is accurately accounted for, each advertisement is indefinitely heard (unless of course you turn down the volume or the station), and each song is most likely to be heard, because no one wants to waste all of their skips.

    Yet, they want to bully them? It’s not only Pandora that is bullied, it’s all Internet-based radio stations and it should stop. other stations such as Digitally Imported, Rdio, Last.FM, Grooveshark and HypeM are over half the reason I get to discover the music I do.

    via Digg, on http://gigaom.com/2014/03/22/the-problem-with-pandora-and-why-its-time-to-clean-up-the-digital-music-mess/


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